We craft our cider with care from fresh-pressed juice of select varieties of real apples (not concentrate). Careful fermentation and natural real ingredients allow our ciders to develop their unique and complex flavors, which are sure to please you and your customers. All of our ciders are lightly carbonated and fermented to approximately 7% ABV.

We planted our orchard 30 years ago. As the trees grew and began producing apples, we pressed fresh juice commercially for 10 years, and for the past 7 years we have been fermenting hard cider from our own apple juice and that of our neighboring orchards.

Our Cider

Black Dragon

Fully dry British-style cider with tannic and sharp apple flavors enhancing the robust finish.

Cardinal Rule Old Fashion

Wisconsin’s cocktail in a cider. Muddled oranges, maraschino cherries, and bitters combine for our take on a brandy Old Fashioned.

Cherry Flight

Sweet cider enriched with tart cherry juice from Door County, WI for a sumptuous, healthy drink.

Meowee Wowee

Honey-infused cider with an old European blend of spices, including ginger and lemon.


Antique, aromatic apples provide a symphony of lighter tasting cider that’s just sweet enough. Acidity balances the sweetness with carbonization to make your tongue sparkle.


Mojito-flavored cider made with real mint and lime is perfect for relaxing anytime.


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